1.2013 King's College London
Comparative Public Policy, MA in Public Policy.

» Syllabus (PDF, 160.63 Kb)

1.2013 King's College London
Political Economy: Approaches, Concepts and IssuesBA Political Economy (with Christel Koop and Colin Jennings)

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1.2013 King's College London
Comparative Political EconomyMA in Political Economy.

» Syllabus (PDF, 398.97 Kb)

1.2013. King's College London
Comparing Political Systems, 1st year undergraduate.

2.2011 Monash University, Prato campus.
Social Policy Issues in the EU (graduate, in English). This was an introduction to European welfare models and their relationship to European integration given in Monash University’s intensive European Union Study in Europe programme.

2003-2008 University of Lausanne
European Integration & Swiss Politics (graduate, in French). This was a graduate seminar dealing with the relationship between European integration and national political systems where students had to elaborate a full-fledged research proposal. An emphasis was put on methodological issues (formulation of research question, hypotheses, methods).

2003-2005 University of Lausanne.
Theories of  Public Policy (undergraduate, in French). This was an introduction to the major theories of the policy process (stage models, rational choice, neo-institutionalism, idea-centred approaches, path-dependence, etc.)